If you're acting like a jerk - are you a jerk or is that only a part of who you are?

In this episode, we pull up a chair with author, support group leader and emotional healing coach Karen Locke.  We talk about how to start falling in love with yourself, what challenging parts of yourself are actually there for, how working with your parts opens you up to the humanity of others, and crossover concepts with different areas like NLP and yoga.

We wrap it up with a lightning round that is heavy into the Minnesota love!

Also - don't forget to check out Karen's book Self-Compassion Day by Day.



  • Recognizing that having Parts creates space to explore those parts
  • Using slow breathing as a springboard into Self Energy
  • Learning to recognize, and appreciate parts instead of trying to push them away
  • Different and unique ways that parts work can be applied from various perspectives
  • The language of parts work


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