Join co-hosts, Kim, Laura, Louise, Nikki, and Sara as they take stock of 2020, wrapping up Season 2.  Looking back at 2020, they discuss the good bad, and ugly, including being honest about some days being a 4 out of 10, maybe even a 2 out of ten.  Who would and wouldn’t take a magic redo in 2020.  They also discuss what they wouldn’t want to change as the calendar flips over into 2021 and what Season 3 of the podcast might look like.


  • 2020 started as a sprint.  It turned into a freaking triathlon.
  • Learning to accept what is.
  • What would they change about 2020, if they could
  • What they want to continue in 2021
  • Looking forward to Season 3 of The Best Parts

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