Communication is something we take for granted.  After all, most of us talk all day long without giving it much conscious thought. But are we really communicating in the way we think we are?

Communication Specialist Betsy Butterick pulls up a chair with The Best Parts co-hosts today to discuss the skill of communication, the importance of being intentional with that communication, and how communication is a form of connection.  We geek out about active communication, the nuances of language and how to ensure that the message you're intending to send is the one actually received.  Betsy shares some of her Active Communication Techniques (ACTs) that you can practice and use to improve your everyday communication skills.

Betsy is the Coaches Coach, working with sports coaches in the professional, college, and high school arena, to help them foster better communication with their team.  She is also a communication specialist with a background in athletics and a talent for people-centric design.  She offers an experiential approach toward learning and development and also improves communication effectiveness while strengthening relationships and working collaboratively to create positive change. 


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