In this episode, Nicole Ralston, Business Coach, and Strategist join the co-hosts to discuss her unique take on productivity, the importance of being true to who you are, particularly for those starting a business.  The co-hosts and Nicole talk about the value of adding somatic work into daily life, and what it means to be in integrity with the various roles in life: at home and work, as it relates to creativity, and showing up in a community.

Topics Discussed:

  • A new spin on productivity.  It’s not how much you get done but what value are your actions and tasks adding to your life
  • Embracing the authenticity of who you are, in all of your roles
  • The benefits of somatic work Alignment with who you are
  • Intersectionality of all the roles in your life
  • Creativity - any time you’re 
  • Tornado Brain
  • Acting in service to others vs being in service to yourself
  • The power of routines

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