Are you focusing on what's wrong or what's working?

Today, we pull up a chair with Dr. Mel Krug, Network Spinal Practitioner and Business Mentor  Join us as as we walk through the differences of focusing on what's working versus focusing on your ‘weaknesses’ or your ‘un-strengths’ (as Louise likes to call them); the study of disease versus the study of health; and how the challenges and wounds of life can lead to our biggest gifts and triumphs.  


Dr. Mel's resource for mastering anxiety:



  • The body as its own healer
  • Tips for getting out of your head and into your body
  • The gift of being unapologetically yourself
  • Salutogenesis, the study of health 
  • System Energetics
  • Breath physiology

Where to find Dr. Mel:


Where to find The Best Parts Team:

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