Louise takes over as moderator as the 4-US based co-hosts talk about personal experiences and how everybody is managing in the highly volatile weeks leading up to the US Presidential Election. 

As the resident Canadian, Louise has a slightly different perspective and holds space for Nikki, Laura, Kim and Sara to talk about how this election feels different than others in the recent past.


This episode isn't here to tell you how to vote.  We decided to create a bonus episode for election day to let you know that we see so many of the struggles in the United States right now and how it's affecting people - and we're riding the election roller-coaster feels right along with you.

Pull up a chair and join us as we talk about :

  • Managing personal emotions as well as those of our immediate families
  • What we can do to make a difference in a US election in the time of a pandemic
  • Managing relationships with people who vote differently 
  • Holding hope for the future
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