Join our co-hosts, Kim, Laura, Louise, Nikki, and Sara as they kick off Season Two, trying to remember if this is Marchgust or Septober or what, as the COVID-19 Pandemic continues on and wildfires and hurricane continue to batter the United States, racial injustice and the upcoming elections are the backdrops as Nikki asks the question: how do we dismantle this idea of “normal.”


A high energy conversation ensues as Kim quickly weighs in that the word normal has always been a hot spot.  The coaches weigh in quickly on how making something ‘normal’ implies a normative that rarely works for anyone.  Worse, it has the effect of “othering” people or making them feel “abnormal” as Laura pointed out.

As the co-hosts consider whether or not we could “go back to normal,” Louise points out “We don't go backwards. We only go forwards.”

Nikki’s next question around how the co-hosts are managing when people around them don’t have the same values, Laura was quick to jump in and talk about how she was seeing more littering in a nature area and it was very frustrating.  Examining all of the parts she was aware of and the stories she began spinning around why people would behave in such a manner, set off a spirited conversation where everyone examined their own assholish natures.  Yep, we’ve all got a little bit of an asshole in us, but the discussion turned to the importance of having those emotions move through us and not getting squashed down, as Nikki mentioned.  

Kim and Louise open up about having panic attacks in public places since COVID-19, and again the criticality of feeling our emotions and acknowledging them.

The conversation switched gears when Nikki asked what the co-hosts were doing to ensure they had the support they needed during this unsettled time.

Unsurprisingly, working out was big on Sara’s list, and connection topped the list of most everyone else.  Each co-host also shared tidbits of how they ensured self-care stayed front and center on a daily basis, from a daily documentation of life in lockdown, to gratitude lists, meditation, and making sure their own needs were met.

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