Nikki Baker Wulf

Life Coach




As a human person, Nikki (she/her) is a friendly Minnesotan who loves to travel, change her hair, and experience as much of life as possible.  She has been to 43 of the United States, 24 countries (that she remembers) and four Canadian Provinces.  As an artist, Nikki is very talented at finding new ways to make a mess and express her creativity.  Her dog is her favorite person and her dog’s favorite person is her, so it really all works out.  She thinks she’s pretty cool, mostly awkward and always hilarious…at least in her own mind. 

As a coach, Nikki recognizes that there's not a one-size-fits-all approach to self-inquiry (or leggings).   Her purpose in life is to support people who have made the decision to create action from new awareness.  She helps her clients uncover their special sauce with what does and does not work for them.  Creating individual understanding of past and current experience is her jam.  From there, it's all about figuring out what to actually do with this new awareness.  Having a new understanding is empowering only if it impacts how you respond and act in your life.

As a loudly exuberant, ferociously loving and radically hopeful individual (that over-uses adjectives), she sees the amazing potential of humanity to exist in its fullest expression.  Described by others as intuitive, curious and magical, her high-energy approach to the world reminds people that they don’t have to be a certain pre-conceived something to be a spiritual rabble-rouser.  She’ll talk to you about energy and your breath just as fast as she’ll fall off the couch in hysterics to inappropriate comedy.  The fullest expression of humanity allows for every individual to show up fully as themselves...big laughs and all.

As one of the founders and co-hosts of The Best Parts Podcast, Nikki recognizes people crave existing in a judgement-free zone, able to recognize and embrace all the pieces of who they are.  Being in a room full of people, connecting as their whole, true selves is the place she wants to exist.  If she had it her way, she would sit down with everyone, grab a coffee or cocktail and enjoy a chat.  The Best Parts Podcast is her contribution to creating a space for that to happen.




Instagram: @nikkibakerwulf


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