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Life Coach + IFS Practitioner





Hello!  I’m Laura Lively.

I’m an Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and Life Coach. You might be wondering what Internal Family Systems is. It’s a type of Parts Work that helps you get to know those nagging inner voices in your head so you can turn them into allies. 

In November 2016 I was fat-shamed on a plane. My seatbelt extender barely fit and I wanted to curl up and disappear. I’d finally tipped the scale at a number I’d never seen before and never wanted to see again. It was awful, and if you’ve ever been fat-shamed, you know firsthand how bad it can be.

Not long after that incident, I joined a food program that changed my life. And that’s where I first experienced Parts Work. That introduction shifted my whole world.

By November 2018, I’d lost half of my body weight and was finally in my right-sized body and have been maintaining that weight ever since.

What made this time different than any other of the many, many attempts in my life to lose weight?

Parts Work.

In fact, it made such a powerful difference I decided to train to become an Internal Family Systems Practitioner. Internal Family Systems is an evidence-based healing model in Parts Work. I’ve facilitated over 350 IFS Sessions with clients and seen amazing changes in mine and my clients’ behavior as it relates to food and other parts of their lives. 

Parts Work changes lives, and I believe the world would be a better place if everyone knew how to acknowledge and embrace their parts.



Instagram: @lively.laura

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