Can you actually decide to be joyful?  How do you intentionally and consciously shift your emotions in the direction of joy?

Today we’re talking to Paula Jenkins, founder of Jump Start Your Joy.  She is a wife, mom, dog lover and a student of joy!  Her mission is to bring more joy into the world through coaching, podcasting, and helping others create their own podcasts to share their voice.

We dive into how joy can show up, how to handle things in time when we feel deficient in joy, and how taking action is important on the journey toward joy.

We veer into the paths of some cultural norms and look at the concept of 'bigger is better' - and how playing small can have unexpected benefits...especially when we're talking about joy.


Paula can be reached at:


Podcast:  Jump Start Your Joy

Twitter: @jumpstartjoy

Pinterest: @jumpstartjoy

Instagram: jumpstartyourjoy



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